The intent of Pneuma DAO is to provide a complete eco-system that fosters innovation by providing citizens the tools needed to bring their ideas to life. We bring community, established systems, workflows, processes and tools needed to help our citizens reduce friction and close the gap between their ideas and reality. Unlike most existing DAO models, crypto operations and DeFi are just a small (but essential) part of what we bring to the table. We take care of the Administratium, so you can focus on the whats important to you and your idea.

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Pneuma DAO

Creating Collaborative Communities for a Better Future

We deliver value by focusing on creating an empowering DAO ecosystem (financial, project management, workflow processes and collaboration.) - We remove the little things, so you can focus on whats important.

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José Victorino Lastarria 17, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

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+56 600 586 8000